“A contrarian thorn in the side of the establishment right.” That’s what the New York Times called The American Conservative. And they’re not wrong: ever since our founding in 2002, the magazine and its website have served as an indispensable outlet for the ideas and arguments of dissident and traditional conservatives.

We have been the principled voice of conservative opposition to the many follies of the Bush and Obama eras, from Iraq to—well, Iraq. We have served as the reliable defender of local communities, constitutional government, a broad distribution of power and wealth, and the causes of liberty and peace. That opposition and that defense continue to be crucial, and we need your support to continue that work.

This year alone, TAC has been a consistent critic of the ill-conceived military intervention in Iraq and Syria. We’ve been a leading opponent of U.S. support for the reckless and unnecessary Saudi-led war on Yemen. We’ve argued for the importance of diplomatic engagement with Iran and CubaTAC was founded in part to express principled conservative opposition to the invasion of Iraq, but it has become the voice for a much broader critique of the harmful bipartisan consensus that continues to deform America’s foreign policy. The American Conservative is dedicated to promoting a foreign policy of peace and non-intervention that secures American interests, and we need your help to continue doing that important work.

Last summer, we co-hosted a conference promoting foreign policy alternatives to the existing failed consensus, and in November we are building on the success of that conference with a TAC Summit on Realism and Restraint. At this new conference, our editors and contributors will join with other foreign policy thinkers and politicians to make the case for a conservative and realist approach to foreign policy that is sorely lacking in Washington today.

TAC is a valuable resource for all Americans that want to rediscover a foreign policy conservatism that is dedicated to securing the national interest without being wedded to perpetual war. We have been promoting the cause of reforming and improving the foreign policy debate in the Republican Party and in the country as a whole since our inception. Our arguments are more necessary than ever as the U.S. will be fighting the new war in Iraq and Syria for years to come.

The magazine and our website also offer trenchant and insightful political and social commentary from all of our contributors and bloggers. Our writers regularly address many policy issues that other conservative outlets ignore or refuse to take seriously. Along with content from the magazine and our other regular online contributors, our website hosts Noah Millman’s insights on politics, theater, and film, and Rod Dreher’s reflections on literature, religion, and culture, including his ongoing study of the life and work of Dante Alighieri. Jonathan Coppage’s project on New Urbanism continues to promote conservative ideas for creating humane and sustainable cities.

In order to continue all of this important work, The American Conservative needs the continued support of its readers, without whom we would be able to do nothing. Join with us in defending prudence, restraint, and common sense by becoming a member of The American Conservative—or committing to a monthly gift of your choice. All donations to the magazine are tax-deductible, and anything that you are able to give would be greatly appreciated.

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