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Good For Gilmore

Former Virginia Gov. James S. Gilmore III will become the first Republican presidential contender to say publicly that the three top-ranked party candidates are phony conservatives. ~The Washington Times

Well, I already like Jim Gilmore better just for making this claim in public, since it is what quite a lot of people out here in the country take to be obvious.  In the past, I have written dismissively, or usually not at all, about Gilmore’s bid.  However, as a former governor of what will likely be a swing state and someone with a generally good record, he is a far more plausible nominee than, say, Mitt Romney and he is probably a much more electable general election candidate than either of the other two from the Terrible Trio.  The problem he faces now is that he has entered the race relatively later than everyone else and has done so so hesitantly that even most people who are following the election probably don’t know that he is running.  By all means, take out the Trio at the knees for their lack of conservatism, Gov. Gilmore.  Will he be able to do anything more than that?  I guess we’ll find out. 

Update: Gilmore’s ad refers to his desire to lead the “Republican wing of the Republican Party.”  Ha!  Has the right found its Howard Dean, or just a pale imitation?

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