Via Ross, I see that it’s become Gersonbashing week.  It’s nice to be a trend-setter.  If his latest column is any indication of what his book has to offer, I don’t think “heroic conservatism” is going to take off.  For instance, saying things like this naturally open him up to withering criticism from all sides:

Traditional conservatism has a piece missing — a piece that is shaped like a conscience. 

The article describing Gerson’s book has strange echoes of a different account of Gerson’s gloryhounding when he was a speechwriter:

Time and again, Gerson depicts a lonely struggle to advance measures that would benefit AIDS patients, impoverished children or prisoners reentering society.

Gerson is always engaged in a lonely struggle, undoubtedly waged from his base camp from deep inside some social democratic beanery, at least when he is not single-handedly writing Inaugural speeches at Starbucks.   

Update: Gerson appeared on The Daily Show this week.  He seems to have been on the verge of tears half the time.