An appeal only to race selects the thinnest possible reed on which to base a movement. Race, as it is understood today in scientific terms, is largely an abstraction, and while it serves to explain much about society, history, and human behavior, it remains too much of an abstraction to generate much loyalty or motivate much action. The skeleton of race acquires concrete meaning and generates concrete loyalties only as it takes on cultural and political flesh, as race becomes tied up with community, kinship, nationality, territory, language, literature, art, religion, moral codes and manners, social class, and political aspirations. It is precisely such accretions that convert the biological abstraction of “race” into the concrete category of a “people.” ~Samuel Francis, American Renaissance (March 1995)

The late Dr. Francis makes a great deal of sense here, and this statement fits very well with my own thinking on the matter. Perhaps this might serve as a kind of compromise position for the opposing arguments in what I believe is an artificial opposition of Mr. Sailer’s citizenism to Mr. Taylor’s white nationalism as mutually exclusive views.