Romney’s dreadful inevitability marches on. Improving significantly on Romney’s 2008 showing, he has 47% of the vote with 75% reporting, which is as much support as Romney and Giuliani had combined last time, and he is trouncing Gingrich by 15 points. He improved on McCain’s winning result by eleven points. He seems to have brought together a coalition of old Romney, McCain, and Giuliani voters, led by huge margins among “somewhat” conservative voters (51-32), moderates (59-20), women (51-29), and Latinos (53-30), and he trailed Gingrich only among “very conservative” voters and strict pro-lifers. According to the exit poll, “somewhat” conservative and moderate/liberal voters account for 67% of the electorate. Small wonder that Romney was always the favorite to win Florida.

Gingrich’s attacks on Romney as “anti-immigrant” don’t seem to have registered with his target audience, and his pseudo-populism didn’t boost him very much with lower-income voters this time. The closest he came was with the under-$30K earners, and he still lost by eight. $100K+ earners favored Romney over Gingrich 52-30, and $200K+ earners overwhelmingly backed Romney 61-20% as one would expect.