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Incredibly, Palin keeps reiterating her claim that Obama has been “reckless” in saying that airstrikes in Afghanistan have killed civilians, which serves to show that she seems genuinely to have no clue that our use of air power there has resulted in significant civilian casualties and that this has undermined NATO’s mission with the Afghan government.  As her running mate would say, she seems not to understand.  Even more remarkably, no one else seems to be noticing that she is absolutely wrong in her attack.  As I said earlier today, it is completely unacceptable for anyone running for such an office to be this ignorant about a war zone where Americans are fighting. 

Update: In her interview with FoxNews, Palin says that the other Court rulings she disagreed with were Kennedy v. Louisiana (she doesn’t seem to have understood the relevant Eighth Amendment issue), Kelo (she doesn’t seem to understand that it relates to using eminent domain on behalf of private developers), and, obviously, Exxon v. Baker.

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