If culture is truly more important than politics and economics, it’s because culture is essentially religious and as both Tocqueville and Kirk have pointed out, once the moral underpinnings provided by the cult (in this case, Christianity as informed through Northern European particularly British institutions) begin to erode the society in which we live cannot and will not continue to thrive. ~Ron Nelson, CrunchyCon

Here Mr. Nelson at CrunchyCon was responding to my rather precipitous judgement about how well his site matched up with its name, and I have to admit that I was wrong in so readily dismissing the site for lack of “crunchiness.” (For the record, it would hardly have been the end of the world if the site lacked in “crunchiness.”) The above quote is a good example of someone genuinely working in the tradition of Russell Kirk in expounding a humane conservatism in which traditional Christianity has a vital role. Elsewhere, he approvingly cites Kuyper, which should be of interest to our friend Josh, the Reformed Catholic.