You don’t often hear any Congressmen or Senators demanding answers on how long the duration or how great the number of troops will be required in Kosovo, South Korea, or Germany.

But you hear little other than those questions when the subject of Iraq comes up. ~Hugh Hewitt

Via Clark

Might the different reactions have something to do with soldiers being killed and blown up in Iraq? 

Hewitt really has us cornered now!  You know, it’s true: I and other opponents of the war in Iraq have not made a top priority of calling for a withdrawal from Okinawa, and I have not stipulated that troops withdrawn from Iraq should not be sent to Okinawa.  I thought this was because it would have been a distraction to argue over other foreign deployments when the priority of withdrawal supporters is to get American soliders out of a futile, senseless war that Hewitt will apparently support to the very last moment.  Little did I know that it was just because I wanted to embarrass the President.       

Update: For extra amusement, read the entire Hewitt piece to the point where he describes Max Boot and Fred Kagan as “serious analysts.”  Why, if Max Boot and Fred Kagan agree, it must be true!  When have they ever been wrong in the past?  Ahem.