If Fred Thompson gets in the race, he would likely vault to a strong third very quickly. ~Tom Bevan

Of course, that would be completely negated by the surprise December entry of Dan Quayle, unless, of course, Elizabeth Dole has the whole thing wrapped up by then.  You know what they say about Liddy Dole and national election campaigns, right?

Have I missed something?  When did the Cult of Thompson (not Tommy) become a powerful force that could conjure up massive political support from thin air?  Who actually believes that Fred Thompson’s candidacy could begin with this much support?  I’m not even sure that Fred Thompson could finish with that much support.   

Is this based on the ongoing polling of a Gingrich candidacy?  Even assuming that Gingrich’s ridiculous 10-15% polling is not simply a function of name recognition at this point, it doesn’t follow that a Fred Thompson or, to name a few other out-of-circulation Republican politicians, a John Engler or Gary Johnson (New Mexico governors could be all the rage in ’08!) is going to become a major contender for the nomination.  Since there is a concern for the GOP about their remaining competitive in the West, Alan Simpson is also relatively unoccupied at the moment, and who can forget the political dynamo that is Murkowski the Elder?  I think Bob Beauprez is also available to seize the moment, as is Fife Symington.  Sure, Fred Thompson argues for Libby to receive a pardon and raises money for his defense fund, but Fife has actually been pardoned after his convicton for bank fraud–top that!       

The Fred Thompson pre-announcement boomlet has actually become more laughable than the pre-announcement Hagel boomlet, if only because Thompson’s boosters are even more unrealistic about their candidate’s political chances.