If anyone deserves this title [uber-wonk], it is surely NR’s publisher Jack Fowler.  At an editorial meeting this morning we were discussing the House of Representatives.  The issue of cloture came up.  Jack, briskly: “The House doesn’t have a cloture rule.”


I don’t know about you, but I found this sensationally impressive.  I mean, how many people—people not employed on Capitol Hill—know that?  Five? ~John Derbyshire

I don’t know about sensationally impressive.  Mildly interesting might be more like it.  This is something that I would hope more than five people know, since it is basic civics to understand the differences between the two chambers.  Think about it.  Cloture sets a time limit on debate, and it is used to bring a filibuster to an end.  The House doesn’t have a filibuster rule, so why would it have a cloture rule?  Unless you have heard of a House vote for cloture (and you never have), why would you think that such a thing existed?  It’s good to know that some people know this, but if this qualifies you for ueber-wonkdom then our standards are clearly slipping.