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Bowling For Dollars

Republicans in Washington were urged to take time off work from 4 to 6 p.m. last Wednesday and go to the Lucky Strike Bowling Alley in an unusual fund-raiser for seven GOP House members in need of late campaign money.
The National Republican Congressional Committee called the event BOMP (Bowling for Our Majority Program). The beneficiaries were Reps. Steve Chabot of Ohio, Thelma Drake of Virginia, Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska, J.D. Hayworth of Arizona, Marilyn Musgrave of Colorado, John Sweeney of New York and Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania.
The solicitation for BOMP asserted that the seven incumbents “all have a real need for additional resources in the last couple of months before the election,” either because of a “well-funded” Democratic opponent or especially high local television costs. ~Robert Novak

The inclusion of Weldon on this list is curious, especially if Hotline’s report is correct that his camp has an internal poll showing Weldon beating Sestak 52-33.  Even granting that there are six weeks left in the campaigning season, how desperate for money can Weldon be if he is actually leading by 19 points?  Impromptu bowling fundraisers (have you ever heard of such a thing?) sound like the stuff of desperation, not clever efforts to prepare for all contingencies.

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