Perhaps it is absurd to try to be more restrictionist than Tancredo, but here goes: this strikes me as incredible, and on par with the kind of temporising of pro-lifers who would back Giuliani.  Endorsing Romney was bad enough, but at least Romney was doing a decent job pretending that he cared about illegal immigration.  Writing on the prospects of the Barr candidacy, Jim Antle points us to Tancredo’s backing (but not endorsing) of McCain and draws attention to Tancredo’s lame justification:

Despite Barr’s immigration stands, Tancredo said he could not support him because of his foreign policy stands, including “a blind spot on radical Islam.”

So this would be the second time this year Tancredo has subordinated his principles on immigration to rather dubious expediency.  It is impossible to judge Tancredo’s charge against Barr, since it is very vague, but since this is a standard trope used against anyone who doesn’t want executive usurpation or infringements on constitutional liberties I am inclined to dismiss it as empty rhetoric.