Another thing—this has doubled my committment to reaching out and helping highlight when the religious left fights the right wingers who have falsely claimed to speak for all religious people. ~Amanda Marcotte

This is too good.  Sometimes it is difficult to believe that there is an actual person writing this stuff.  The woman who liked to speak of “godbags” wants to help highlight when the liberal “godbags” go up against the other “godbags.”  (Where could anyone have gotten the idea that the left was hostile to religion?)  Presumably she hopes that they kill each other off in a melee, since she obviously has nothing but contempt for the beliefs of Christians on her side.  As it happens, some of those Christians are none too pleased with her.

What does Ms. Marcotte think is the lesson of the recent controversy?  She writes:

Bill Donohue doesn’t speak for Catholics, he speaks for the right wing noise machine. You guys pointed this out, you made a stink, you refused to walk into the same stupid trap that is laid out for liberals and Democrats by the right wing noise machine and I think you made a difference.  While loyalty played into the pushback some, the real story is that we liberals are not taking this crap any longer and we’re pushing back.

Do people at Commonweal and the Democratic Ethnic Leadership Council speak for any Catholics?  Are they also part of the “right wing noise machine”?  What a dreadful gang of politically and culturally tone deaf clowns Marcotte and her chums are!  Instead of resigning as she did, which she mentions in today’s post, she should have kept mouthing off and continued to pretend that anti-Christian bigotry would not hurt her candidate’s chances with ethnic Democratic working class and middle class voters.  Edwards has aimed his appeal at organised labour and working class people, and there are still a lot of ethnic Catholic voters involved in organised labour or attracted to candidates who champion their cause.  There was a very real way that this impressive hostility to their religion on the part of the Edwards campaign could have hurt him in the primaries.