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Another Saudi Coalition Bombing Slaughters a Dozen Yemeni Civilians

The Saudi-led coalition slaughtered a dozen members of the same Yemeni family in another senseless attack:

An air strike by the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen killed 12 civilians, including seven children, in the costal city of Hodeidah on Monday, medics and a witness said.

Medics and a witness who saw the wreckage said the air strike had destroyed a house in al-Hali district, where displaced civilians from other provinces were settled.

The 12 victims were all from the same family, they said.

As if it weren’t bad enough that Hodeidah and its environs are among the most severely harmed by the blockade and the threat of famine, the civilians living there are also at risk of being bombed for no reason. There is no excuse for bombing this house and killing these civilians. This attack is a gross violation of international law and a war crime, and the governments responsible for it should be held accountable. This is what the coalition does with the refueling and weapons that the U.S. provides them. Refueling coalition planes just makes it easier for them to carry out more outrageous attacks like this one. Secretary Mattis tried arguing the other day that refueling gives coalition pilots more time to make better decisions about where to drop their bombs, but that ignores the reality that coalition governments have routinely shown blatant disregard for civilian life throughout the war. This latest attack is just the latest example out of the thousands and thousands of strikes on civilian targets that the coalition has carried out.

The U.S. should have no part in this war, and it is a stain on our country every day that our government’s support for it continues.

Update: Later reports say that at least 14 civilians were killed in this attack.

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