If there wasn’t enough love to go around, here is a Protestant blogger who goes rather easy on Gibson.  You see, he’s Catholic, which means that he’s automatically an anti-Semite, so this fellow was not surprised by the outburst in the least.  Here is a taste of the ludicrous anti-Catholic bigotry on display:

Gibson, as a devout Roman Catholic, proved that the heart of Roman Catholicism has always been anti-Semite: something that honest historians and theologians know but nonetheless decline to say so thereby contributing to the Roman Church’s deception. 

Yes, the “honest” historians and theologians know all about it (that doesn’t make this guy sound like a conspiracy nut, no, not at all).  Actually, he’s got us dead to rights: the Jesuits make all history graduate students sign a pledge to lie on behalf of the Pope.  I have my Papist certificate of approval hanging on my wall. 

This is the sort of trash I expect from the Goldhagens of the world, not from Christians of any confession.  Good grief, I would have thought nonsense like this would have vanished by now.