Almost a year after the conflict in Ukraine began, most Americans oppose sending arms to Ukraine. However, there are more supporters now than there were last spring:

Republicans More Supportive than Democrats of Aiding Ukrainian Forces

As the report notes, support for this measure has increased in since April from just 30% in favor. That isn’t entirely surprising, since there has been a steady and very loud public drumbeat in support of throwing weapons at the conflict. Despite the many different critics of this terrible idea, it has caught on among politicians in both parties as the “tough” option intended to demonstrate “resolve.” Most Americans are understandably wary of funneling weapons into an ongoing conflict, especially when the most likely result in this case will be to add to the death toll without achieving the desired change in Russian behavior. Support for this terrible idea is strongest among Republicans, but it is somewhat remarkable that the party’s hawks have only the slimmest majority behind them. There are evidently many Republicans around the country that want no part of the proxy war their leaders are trying to sell them, but for the most part they remain unrepresented in Congress.