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A Saudi Coalition Attack on Hodeidah Would Be Disastrous

Reuters reports [1] that Saudi coalition forces are massing for an assault on the port city of Hodeidah:

It was unclear if Saudi Arabia’s Western allies, which have come under increasing scrutiny for arms sales to the coalition, have approved a renewed advance on Hodeidah, whose port receives both commercial imports and critically-needed aid supplies.

A coalition attack on the port and its environs would be disastrous [2] for the civilian population that depends on the port for what few goods are allowed in. If the coalition did this, it would be compounding the effects of its blockade and bombing campaign. The humanitarian crisis is already the worst in the world, but attacking the port would still manage make it even worse. A coalition assault would very likely lead to mass starvation, and the loss of life would be measured in the hundreds of thousands or possibly millions.

The new U.N. envoy for Yemen recently warned [3] against an attack on the port:

The new U.N. envoy for Yemen warned Tuesday that reports of a possible military operation around a major urban center and a key seaport could ruin any hopes of ending that country’s civil war.

“We also hear unconfirmed reports that movements of forces in Yemen are on the increase and that the terrible prospect of intensive military operations in al-Hodeida, long heralded, may be soon forthcoming,” Martin Griffiths told council members.

Continued U.S. support for the coalition gives them the encouragement and the means to attempt an attack. The U.S. has to use whatever influence it has with the coalition governments to prevent this assault, or it will be complicit in causing the deaths of countless innocent Yemenis. It is imperative that the U.S. halt all military assistance to the coalition and refuse any additional arms sales [4] to any member of the Saudi coalition.


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3 Comments To "A Saudi Coalition Attack on Hodeidah Would Be Disastrous"

#1 Comment By b. On May 14, 2018 @ 3:21 pm

JCOPA is doomed, because the EU cannot fulfill its part of the agreement without openly breaking with the US and answer US sanctions with punishments imposing the same effective cost on the US that the US threatens to impose on the EU. Iran has to get sanction relief for JCOPA to be worth the paper it is printed on; the US does not want Iran to get sanctions relief, the EU has to chose between JCOPA or the US. The rest is empty words.

Saudia Arabia and the UAE cannot hope to control Yemen until they starve the resistance. Yemen is doomed, because the US would have to stop the coalition from starving Yemen into submission, but the US does no want the coalition to fail, and it does not want any sovereign Yemeni government either. The rest is empty words.

Or course Saudi Arabia will have to make the famine worse and drastically increase the number of dead and dying – such as attacking any port or road that continues to provide any kind of effective relief.

Of course the US will do nothing to stop the coalition, and will in fact continue to provide satellite images, recon flight results, and other intelligence to ensure that Saudi Arabia can make Yemen worse as quickly and as effectively as possible. The US might actually believe that the coalition efforts will indeed “turn the corner” soon enough to head off any actual domestic public opposition – let alone any effective opposition – and will hence do its best to help Saudi Arabia to “accelerate the schedule” and “heighten the contradictions”.

There is no appoint to appeal to the US government or Congress. The only leverage that The People have over our institutions at this point is to end, in the voting booths, the career of every single incumbent. Of course, that is not going to happen either. It is just not important enough to The People. The worm might never turn, but it will be fed.

#2 Comment By Dread On May 14, 2018 @ 3:29 pm

We’re not going to stop selling them weapons. Or giving them intelligence. Or even send them a strongly worded letter.

Our government doesn’t care because Yemen is poor, brown, and Muslim.

#3 Comment By Christian Chuba On May 14, 2018 @ 4:13 pm

Do the Saudis have the guts to attack the port without U.S. support?

I dread to think about the role we would play in this atrocity followed by the typical negligent MSM coverage of the event. Lack of MSM scrutiny encourages barbarism. The civilian dockworkers will be portrayed as Iranian agents as our air force and navy assists in some hideous close support role.

I just don’t think the Saudis and their mercenaries have the stomach for the fight without assistance.