The fate of Iraq — and the future of both America and the West [!]– is increasingly in the hands of one man, a man increasingly being isolated by the media and the Establishment in his belief that only victory will do. Alone like Reagan, one hopes that with his core convictions on the line George W. Bush will remember the trials of Ronald Reagan and the gritty positive attitude that epitomized Reagan’s leadership, a leadership that led to eventual — and spectacular — triumph in so many areas. ~Jeffrey Lord

As we all know, Mr. Bush is never completely alone in his dedication to the Iraq war.  Barney is behind him all the way. 

My favourite part of this panegyric was the suggestion that the subversives trying to undermine Mr. Bush were the ones who were isolating him from sources of information that might bolster his belief in victory.  It is hardly a closely kept secret that keeping Mr. Bush in his hermetically-sealed bubble of ignorance has been the tried and true method of war supporters and interventionists from Day One.  Now that some other voices are beginning to penetrate this bubble, it is a conspiracy from within to force the President to go against his own policy by stopping all of the information that would reassure him that victory in Iraq is certain from reaching him.  Riiight.