The Krikorian-Kaus thesis that Obama will make immigration a lower priority in his administration seems to be indirectly supported by the whining in Ruben Navarette’s latest column. I have also assumed for some time that amnesty would have been more likely under McCain than Obama, in part because McCain has made this something of a personal crusade and in part because McCain believes that it will win voters for the GOP, while the Democrats have no need to offer Latinos much of anything.

Here’s where Navarette is likely to be very wrong:

He will probably toss Latino supporters a bone by stopping construction of the border fence that he voted for in the Senate and ending the workplace raids that have caused so much disgust in the Latino community.

Does that make any sense? Obama voted for the fence, but he’s going to halt construction of it and take the attendant criticism for ignoring border security so that…his Latino supporters will feel better? Repeatedly on the campaign trail and in the Senate, Obama has talked about stricter enforcement against employers of illegal immigrants, and in this questionnaire he does not say that he opposes workplace raids. Maybe that doesn’t reflect what he will do in his administration, but this would seem to be another case of expecting Obama to do things that he has given no indication that he will do.