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A Far, Distant Country

Is it just me, or is this Yglesias post [1] about his first ever visit to West Virginia this weekend really strange?  I suppose it’s really not that important, but it strikes me as a little unusual that someone who has been living in D.C. for years would have never gone to, or at least through, West Virginia at some point at least once.  This jumped out at me since I have driven through WV at least six times in the last ten years, and I was usually starting a bit farther away than Washington.  A New Yorker-inspired joke might be appropriate at this time.

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4 Comments To "A Far, Distant Country"

#1 Comment By datroy On July 30, 2007 @ 10:03 am

My favorite part was that this trip was barely over the border into WV too – to Harper’s Ferry. Harper’s Ferry is pretty neat – a good day trip for anyone in DC. But Harper’s Ferry is essentially a ghost town. No one really lives there, it’s a historical recreation for tourists.

I don’t fault Matt for not having been to WV. Lots of people haven’t. But I’m willing to bet Matt is the type of person who gets just a little embarrassed that Americans on average haven’t traveled the world, when there are so many who haven’t even seen most of our own country!

#2 Comment By James Kabala On July 30, 2007 @ 12:49 pm

I am no Yglesiasologist, but I think he has actually not lived in D.C. for that long. He grew up in New York (I believe; this is the part I am least sure about); he went to Harvard; and he was living in New York as of the 2004 GOP convention. His move to D.C. may have been as recent as last year, and certainly no earlier than the year before that.

#3 Comment By Grumpy Old Man On July 30, 2007 @ 2:43 pm

As a Yankee, and Ivy Leaguer, and a New Yorker, then, does Yglesias know about John Brown’s baby having a cold upon its chest, but not about his body moldering in the grave?

What are they teaching in Cambridge these days? Probably not the fascinating characters in American history, of whom Brown, love him or despise him, is one.

#4 Comment By MW Frost On July 30, 2007 @ 9:03 pm

Feh. After living in actually existing West Virginia for eight years (and still splitting my time between there and more twee parts of the east), I can tell you that Harpers Ferry might as well be Loudoun County.

A few years back, a crackpot candidate for WV governor suggested selling the Eastern Panhandle to Virginia. I still haven’t figured out what makes it such a crazy idea.