Every American town that I know of now has numerous physicians and business owners from India. What kind of citizens desert their own poor country with desperately needed skills and capital? What kind of country casually robs poor countries of their most essential people? ~Clyde Wilson

Even Bollywood has taken up the problem of “brain drain” and its social consequences by presenting us a tale of the Indian emigrant who came back: Shah Rukh Khan plays an engineer who returns to his village to build an electric generator for the villagers out of his own pocket (and, yes, he also does some dancing). The movie is called Swades, and for the most part it’s really over the top and full of cloying sentimentality (more so than the usual Bollywood fare), but you could almost hear the pleas of the Indian establishment throughout the film: “Come back, NRIs, come back!” Ghar aaja pardesi, tera des bulaaye re, indeed.