Ellen Finnigan has made a Catholic’s case for supporting Ron Paul:

I believe that Ron Paul’s ideas on foreign policy, on war and peace in particular, when considered in light of Pope John Paul’s statements, make him the only truly pro-life candidate.

Regarding “Yes to life!” the Pope said, “War itself is an attack on human life, since it brings in its wake suffering and death. The battle for peace is always a battle for life!”

Naturally, I agree with this, and that’s one reason why Santorum’s foreign policy views baffle me. No one can seriously challenge his record on protecting the unborn, and he has shown some interest in translating Catholic social teaching into legislation for the poor, but he has repeatedly supported policies of aggressive warfare that cannot be reconciled with his other principles. When I made an argument similar to this during a brief conversation I had with Robert George a few years ago, I recall that he was firmly opposed to seeing the Iraq war as a betrayal of pro-life principles. That didn’t make sense to me then, and it still doesn’t.