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‘Standing with Saudi Arabia’: Trump Becomes Riyadh’s Mouthpiece

Trump’s Persophobia and Saudi First instincts have driven him to become little more than a mouthpiece for the kingdom.

Posted November 20th, 2018

Trump’s Pro-Saudi Lies

Perhaps the most insulting lie of all is the idea that Trump’s abject subservience to Saudi interests has anything to do with putting America first.

Posted November 20th, 2018

Trump Can’t Stop Praising His ‘Great’ Saudi ‘Ally’

Saudi Arabia isn’t an ally, great or otherwise, and everything it has done over the last few years has backfired and worked to the benefit of Iran.

Posted November 20th, 2018

Our Complicity in the Starvation of Yemen

Yemen is not only the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, but it is also the one for which our government is most responsible.

Posted November 19th, 2018

The Dying Children of Yemen

A Yemeni child dies from preventable causes every ten minutes.

Posted November 18th, 2018

‘A Truly Spectacular Ally’: Trump’s Saudi First Foreign Policy

He grossly exaggerates the importance of Saudi Arabia for our economy, and then considers them a “truly spectacular” ally because of the exaggerated role he has invented in his own mind.

Posted November 17th, 2018

Counting the Real Costs of the War on Yemen

The governments responsible for destroying Yemen predictably have no interest in an accurate accounting of the true costs of the war, and our government is no exception.

Posted November 14th, 2018

House GOP Leadership Moves to Torpedo H.Con.Res. 138

It was a disgraceful stunt when they did it last year, and it’s even more so now that conditions in Yemen have significantly worsened.

Posted November 13th, 2018

How the Saudis and Hadi Destroyed Yemen

The Saudi coalition and the “legitimate” government were unable to achieve the goals of their misbegotten war, and instead chose to ruin the country and drive the people into such penury that they starve.

Posted November 10th, 2018

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

Saudi Arabia and the UAE are starving Yemenis to death. Radhya Almutawakel …

Posted November 9th, 2018

Another Bad Idea on Yemen from the Trump Administration

Labeling the Houthis as a foreign terrorist organization is what the government would do if it wants to ensure that the war continues and escalates further.

Posted November 8th, 2018

The Iran Obsession Poisons Everything

Iran hawks have been parroting discredited pro-Saudi talking points on Yemen for so long that they may have started to believe them.

Posted November 8th, 2018

Trump’s Foreign Policy After the Midterms

The midterm results will have some practical effects on Trump’s foreign policy.

Posted November 8th, 2018

Stop the Destruction of Yemen

One of the serious failings in our foreign policy debates, including and especially the debate over the war on Yemen, is our obliviousness to the views of the people harmed by our policies.

Posted November 8th, 2018

The Midterms and the War on Yemen

The change in control of the House may have the greatest impact on U.S. support for the war on Yemen.

Posted November 7th, 2018

Our Responsibility for the Destruction of Yemen

There are now up to 14 million people who are at risk of starvation by year’s end, and our government’s policy of unconditional support for the Saudis has helped bring that about.

Posted November 6th, 2018

End U.S. Support for the War on Yemen Before It’s Too Late

If the administration is trying to buy time for the coalition, it is time that millions and millions of starving Yemenis can’t afford to waste.

Posted November 5th, 2018