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Iran Is Behaving Like a Normal Country

The normal reaction of a normal country under the circumstances is to reject the unreasonable and unrealistic demands that the U.S. is making.

Posted June 13th, 2019

Abe’s Thankless Task in Tehran

Instead of putting one of our allies in the absurd position of being our go-between, the next administration should open direct channels of communication with the Iranian government.

Posted June 12th, 2019

The Impasse with Iran

Iran has every incentive to avoid talking to the U.S. right now, and the administration’s interest in negotiation is disingenuous and purely for show.

Posted June 11th, 2019

The Danger of Unrealistic Goals for North Korea Diplomacy

The gap between the U.S. and North Korean positions does not appear to have narrowed at all.

Posted April 20th, 2018

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

The fear of cowardice. Chris Walsh explains the role the idea of …

Posted June 26th, 2015

The TPP and a Republican Congress

Considering the obstacles in Japan, it’s not clear what incentive Obama has to make the TPP one of the main priorities of his last two years in office.

Posted November 3rd, 2014