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May’s New Government: ‘Brexit Means Brexit’

She has made clear she intends to pursue withdrawal from the EU as promised.

Posted July 14th, 2016

Tory Leadership Race: May vs. Leadsom

May’s foreign policy record is poor.

Posted July 7th, 2016

The Blindness of ‘Centrists’

The conceit that the “centrist” position is the moderate and pluralistic one is useful for justifying their unconcealed contempt for the voters.

Posted July 5th, 2016

The EU Should Learn from Its Defeat, But Probably Won’t

It is rare for a political class to respond to popular repudiation with introspection.

Posted June 29th, 2016

‘Brexit’ and the Myopic EU Leadership

Eurocrats created the conditions that made “Brexit” possible, and ultimately they have no one to blame but themselves.

Posted June 28th, 2016

‘Brexit’ and a Lesson in Coalition Politics

Different factions are going to end up on the same side of a debate for all sorts of reasons.

Posted June 27th, 2016

The Post’s ‘Antidote’ for a Democratic Election

It is telling that the Post thinks that there needs to be an “antidote” to a democratic decision by the citizens of a close ally.

Posted June 27th, 2016

The Leave Win Doesn’t Presage a Trump Victory

It would be a mistake to see the success of the Leave campaign as a sign that Trump is capable of pulling off something similar.

Posted June 27th, 2016

‘Brexit’ and Elite Failure

The same democratic deficit that motivated many people in the U.K. to vote Leave is the very thing that critics of the referendum result want to increase.

Posted June 27th, 2016

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

How fear won in Britain. Freddy Gray reflects on the fear-mongering from …

Posted June 24th, 2016

Cameron’s Failure

In both the Scottish and EU referendums, Cameron miscalculated about as badly as one can.

Posted June 24th, 2016

Why Did Britain Vote to Leave?

Voters came back to bite the political class at the most critical moment.

Posted June 24th, 2016

Some Implications of the Leave Win

Instead of quashing his Euroskeptic detractors, Cameron presided over their greatest success to date.

Posted June 24th, 2016

Leave Narrowly Leads in EU Referendum

Leave has a decent chance of an outright win.

Posted June 23rd, 2016

‘Brexit’ and the Unappealing EU

When the status quo option involves something as unappealing as the EU, it would be very tempting for most people to repudiate it.

Posted June 23rd, 2016

Will the EU Learn Anything from a ‘Brexit’ Vote?

EU leaders will almost certainly greet a “Brexit” vote with dismay, anger, and increased contempt for voters.

Posted June 22nd, 2016

The EU’s Days of ‘Ever Closer Union’ May Be Over

There is no appetite anywhere in Europe for “ever closer union.”

Posted June 21st, 2016