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Trump’s Iran Policy: How to Destroy Trust and Alienate People

Iranians are responding to U.S. betrayal in the same way that anyone would.

Posted October 16th, 2019

Time Is Running Out to Salvage the JCPOA

The JCPOA has survived this long only because Iran has been willing to remain in it without benefiting from it.

Posted September 25th, 2019

The Inexhaustible Bad Faith of Iran Hawks

Much like Romney’s complaints about the “flaws” in New START, Cruz’s complaints about “sunset clauses” and the like are objections made in bad faith by someone who wants to demolish the entire structure.

Posted September 22nd, 2019

A Completely Avoidable Crisis with Iran

It is important to remember that the decisions to renege on the JCPOA and launch the economic war on Iran were completely unnecessary and wrong.

Posted September 17th, 2019

The Brain-Dead Maximalism of Hard-liners

They don’t want to resolve the crisis with Iran, but rather hope to make it permanent by setting goals that can’t possibly be reached and insisting that sanctions remain in place forever.

Posted September 12th, 2019

Pompeo’s Nuclear Deal Dishonesty on Display

Pompeo’s complaint about the JCPOA’s “failures” is a typical hawkish rejection of the results of diplomatic compromise.

Posted September 9th, 2019

Pompeo’s Constant, Shameless Lying About Iran

The only way that Pompeo can sell this policy to the public is by constantly, shamelessly lying about Iran and the nuclear deal.

Posted September 6th, 2019

The Strangling of Iran

If we look at what the administration does as it piles sanctions on top of sanctions, we can see that they just want to strangle Iran.

Posted September 4th, 2019

Trump Doesn’t Know How to Negotiate

The greatest trick that Trump pulled on Americans was to make many of them believe that he understood how to negotiate when he has never been any good at it.

Posted August 22nd, 2019

The U.S. Can’t ‘Get’ Iran to ‘Shut Down’ Its Nuclear Program

The question assumes that it is within our government’s power to “get Iran to shut down its nuclear program,” when the experience of the last twenty years tells us that it is not.

Posted August 20th, 2019

The JCPOA and War with Iran

If you want to avoid unnecessary and unauthorized wars, it makes no sense to celebrate the demise of successful diplomatic agreements that make war less likely.

Posted August 19th, 2019

The U.S. Needs More Arms Control

The danger in the coming years is that the limits put in place by the treaties negotiated during and after the Cold War will completely disappear.

Posted August 11th, 2019

Misunderstanding the ‘Restraint Coalition’

The differences Brands identifies may apply to generic Democrats and Republicans, but they don’t describe us very well at all.

Posted August 6th, 2019

Why Trump’s Iran Policy Fails

There is a basic failure to understand the Iranian government’s behavior that distorts the Trump administration’s perception.

Posted August 6th, 2019

The Path to Deescalation with Iran

There need to be regular, reliable channels of communication that our governments can use to speak directly to one another.

Posted August 1st, 2019

New START Is On the Chopping Block

Refusing to extend the treaty is an act of international vandalism, since there will be nothing in the foreseeable future to replace New START when it is gone.

Posted July 31st, 2019

Bolton Proposes and The President Disposes

The first thing we can conclude from this is that Trump buys whatever Bolton tells him about Iran, and he is so clueless that he has no way of knowing that he is being misled.

Posted July 30th, 2019