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Pompeo’s Sickening ‘Message’ for Saudi Arabia

The administration is an eager defender in whitewashing the crown prince’s outrages.

Posted July 25th, 2019

A Shameful Op-Ed on Yemen

Carrying water for the Saudis and Emiratis has nothing to do with demonstrating support for the people of Yemen.

Posted June 25th, 2019

Trump’s Self-Destructive Infatuation with the Saudis

The more that Trump tries to shield the Saudis from the consequences of their actions, the worse it will get for him and the Saudis in Congress and with the public.

Posted April 18th, 2019

The Murder of Jamal Khashoggi, Six Months Later

The crown prince has not yet faced any practical consequences for the crime, but it has permanently marked him in the eyes of the world as nothing more than a reckless and brutal despot.

Posted April 2nd, 2019

Our ‘Allies’ the Saudis Tortured a U.S. Citizen

The Saudi government should expect to pay a price for this.

Posted March 4th, 2019

Trump’s Very Unpopular Foreign Policy

The public can also see that Trump has had hardly any significant successes overseas since he took office.

Posted January 28th, 2019

Pompeo’s Shameless Pro-Saudi Speech

Holding up the Saudis as an example to follow on human rights and the rule of law would be a bad joke at the best of times.

Posted January 7th, 2019

Corker: ‘Zero Question’ Mohammed bin Salman Ordered Khashoggi Murder

Corker’s comments confirm what we have all assumed for the last two months.

Posted December 4th, 2018

The Toxic Prince and His American Yes-Men

The Trump administration and the crown prince have shown through their destructive partnership that the relationship is noxious and desperately in need of reevaluation

Posted November 28th, 2018

A Farcical Senate ‘Briefing’ on Yemen

Today’s Senate briefing promises to be every bit as much of a farcical propaganda exercise as Secretary Pompeo’s mendacious op-ed.

Posted November 28th, 2018

‘Standing with Saudi Arabia’: Trump Becomes Riyadh’s Mouthpiece

Trump’s Persophobia and Saudi First instincts have driven him to become little more than a mouthpiece for the kingdom.

Posted November 20th, 2018

‘A Truly Spectacular Ally’: Trump’s Saudi First Foreign Policy

He grossly exaggerates the importance of Saudi Arabia for our economy, and then considers them a “truly spectacular” ally because of the exaggerated role he has invented in his own mind.

Posted November 17th, 2018

‘Tell Your Boss’: Recording of Khashoggi Murder Implicates Mohammed bin Salman

This latest revelation makes it that much harder for Riyadh and the Trump administration to deny the crown prince’s involvement.

Posted November 12th, 2018

A Disgraceful Evangelical Meeting with Mohammed bin Salman

Whatever their reasons were, these evangelicals shouldn’t have met with the crown prince, and it is to their enduring discredit that they did.

Posted November 2nd, 2018

H.Con.Res. 138: Voting to End U.S. Involvement in the War on Yemen

Voting to end U.S. involvement is the right thing to do for the people of Yemen and for the United States.

Posted October 22nd, 2018

The Boundless Bad Faith of Iran Hawks

Holding specific officials accountable for their role in an outrageous crime is very different from strangling a country’s entire economy and choking off its access to humanitarian goods.

Posted October 19th, 2018

The Overdue Backlash Against Saudi Arabia Is Growing

The Saudi government has committed so many outrages in just the last few years that all of them have begun to have a cumulative effect on how policymakers and the media view the crown prince and his policies.

Posted October 18th, 2018