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‘Maximum Pressure’ Fails in Venezuela, Too

Trump’s imposition of sanctions earlier this year was a disastrous mistake.

Posted June 24th, 2019

Trump’s Cruel Venezuela Sanctions

When it is our government’s policy to starve another country of resources, it is only a matter of time before the population experiences the horrific impact of sanctions.

Posted March 31st, 2019

Pompeo’s Terrible Diplomacy

This is what happens when someone with nothing but disdain for diplomacy is appointed as our government’s chief diplomat.

Posted December 9th, 2018

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

War in Yemen a bonanza for U.S. and U.K. arms merchants. Michael …

Posted August 25th, 2017

Yemen’s Cholera and Famine Crises and U.S. Responsibility

Continued support for the war on Yemen is by far the worst thing Trump is doing right now.

Posted August 21st, 2017

Venezuela and Our Stupid Obsession with U.S. ‘Leadership’

The U.S. should be willing to help its neighbors in our hemisphere when we can be reasonably sure that our help is wanted and constructive, but most of the time it is neither of those things.

Posted April 17th, 2017

A Misleading Argument About Georgia and NATO

It does Georgia no favors to maintain the illusion that NATO membership is available to them when it isn’t.

Posted April 4th, 2016

Reagan and the Nuclear Deal

Iran hawks will still find extraneous reasons to object to the deal because it doesn’t and can’t achieve results it was never intended to achieve.

Posted July 20th, 2015

The Sloppy Thinking Behind “Credibility” Arguments

Other states don’t perceive America’s supposed lack of “resolve” in the same way that our own hawks do.

Posted December 8th, 2014

Dictating How Other Nations Should Be Governed

Jackson Diehl complains that the Georgian government is holding abusive former officials …

Posted August 4th, 2014

Syria and Counter-terrorism

Jackson Diehl doesn’t want the U.S. to cooperate with Russia on counter-terrorism: …

Posted April 29th, 2013

The Obnoxious Revisionism of Iraq War Dead-enders

Nada Bakos joins in refuting that awful Jackson Diehl op-ed on Iraq …

Posted April 3rd, 2013

As Usual, Interventionists Fail to Ask the Right Questions on Syria

Paul Pillar demolishes Jackson Diehl’s Iraq war revisionism: The next topic in …

Posted April 2nd, 2013

The Proud Ignorance of Iraq War Hawks

So Jackson Diehl learned nothing from the Iraq war: The problem here …

Posted April 1st, 2013

More U.S. “Leadership” in Syria Would Only Ensnare the U.S. in Another Unnecessary Conflict

Jackson Diehl believes that the U.S. should be blamed for Syria’s civil …

Posted November 12th, 2012

U.S. Intervention in Syria Would Be Deeply Unpopular, Foolish, and Destructive

Jackson Diehl believes that not ordering military intervention in Syria is Obama’s …

Posted October 15th, 2012

Diehl’s List of Foreign Policy Liabilities for Romney

Jackson Diehl lists some differences between Obama and Romney on foreign policy: …

Posted September 3rd, 2012