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The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

Yemen’s Hodeidah offensive: once avoidable, now imminent. Peter Salisbury warns that the …

Posted September 21st, 2018

Trump’s Bankrupt Iran Policy

It is no wonder that the Iranian government has no interest in “negotiations” that amount to capitulation.

Posted September 19th, 2018

Nonproliferation and Trump’s U.N. Stunt

The U.S. can’t renege on the most successful nonproliferation agreement in decades and still be taken seriously when it talks about its commitment to nonproliferation.

Posted September 19th, 2018

Rubio and the Iran Hawks’ Petty Grudge Against Kerry

Rubio’s attempt to get a former Secretary of State brought up on charges for having conversations with another country’s foreign minister is very ill-advised.

Posted September 18th, 2018

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

“The Trump administration is defying and lying to Congress.” Oxfam responds to …

Posted September 14th, 2018

No U.S. Interests Are Served by Trump’s Endless, Illegal War in Syria

The Trump administration is risking war with as many as three foreign governments.

Posted September 11th, 2018

A Third Attack on Syria Would Be Just as Illegal as the Last Two

The Trump administration would be wrong to launch more airstrikes on the Syrian government, and it has absolutely no authority to do so under the Constitution.

Posted September 11th, 2018

The Costs of Misunderstanding Our Adversaries

The failure of so many of our policymakers to acknowledge that other states have legitimate interests and agency of their own leads us down the same dead-end road of confrontation and unnecessary conflict.

Posted September 7th, 2018

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

Why does the U.S. support war crimes in Yemen? Paul Pillar objects …

Posted September 7th, 2018

Trump’s Iran Stunt and ‘International Order’

The Trump administration has absolutely no credibility to chide any other government about lack of respect for international order when it has made a habit of running roughshod over it.

Posted September 7th, 2018

Our Endless, Illegal War in Syria

An open-ended military mission to police part of Syria and oppose Iranian influence is dangerous, unnecessary, and not in the American interest.

Posted September 6th, 2018

Iranian Christian Asylum Seekers Remain Stuck in Limbo

The administration should correct this injustice and grant asylum to these Iranians fleeing religious persecution.

Posted September 5th, 2018

Trump’s Pointless U.N. Stunt

If one wanted to find someone to deliver a rebuke to Iran, one could scarcely ask for a worse, less credible messenger than Trump.

Posted September 4th, 2018

The Growing Costs of Reneging on the Nuclear Deal

This is what a foreign policy completely divorced from the interests of both the United States and our genuine allies looks like.

Posted September 4th, 2018

The Iran Obsession Strikes Again

The entire exercise is likely to be embarrassing for the U.S. because it will underscore just how isolated our government is following the president’s destructive decision to renege on the JCPOA.

Posted September 4th, 2018

Trump’s Reckless Syria Threat

The president is putting the U.S. in the absurd position of risking war with at least three governments for the sake of the remnants of an insurgency that has already lost.

Posted September 4th, 2018

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

Why are U.S. bombs killing civilians in Yemen? The New York Times …

Posted August 31st, 2018