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‘Wolf Pack of Rogue States’: Another Stupid Hawkish Phrase

The one thing that the five states Pence lists really do have in common is that they are all much weaker states that pose little or no threat to the United States.

Posted January 16th, 2019

The Boundless Bad Faith of Nuclear Deal Opponents

Complaining about sanctions relief when the targeted state makes the desired changes to its behavior is an obvious tell that you have no interest in a diplomatic solution.

Posted January 16th, 2019

The Destructive Iran Obsession

Pompeo’s remarks are probably the clearest public indication yet that the Trump administration’s policy is one of regime change.

Posted January 15th, 2019

Bolton’s Eagerness to Attack Iran

This episode shows how determined Bolton and his allies have been to turn any incident into a pretext for a larger conflict with Iran.

Posted January 14th, 2019

Pompeo’s Inept Diplomacy

The Secretary’s speech in Egypt is the latest example of what happens when the responsibilities of our chief diplomat are given to a man who has no interest in or experience with diplomacy.

Posted January 10th, 2019

The ‘Force for Good’ That Enables Mass Starvation in Yemen

The Secretary cannot square his self-righteous pronouncements about America as a “force for good” with the policy of backing the Saudi coalition as it massacres civilians and causes millions to starve.

Posted January 10th, 2019

Pompeo’s Exercise in Arrogant Self-Congratulation

The same people that have helped some of the world’s worst governments blow up civilians and starve millions of people in Yemen want to be applauded for their good work.

Posted January 10th, 2019

Bolton and the Deepening Iran Obsession

Bringing Goldberg into the administration is a sign that the Iran obsession is getting worse.

Posted January 8th, 2019

Pompeo’s Shameless Pro-Saudi Speech

Holding up the Saudis as an example to follow on human rights and the rule of law would be a bad joke at the best of times.

Posted January 7th, 2019

An Iran Policy of Regime Change in All But Name

The idea that the people responsible for the Iran sanctions actually desire “better lives” for the population that they are strangling is a sick joke.

Posted January 4th, 2019

Trump’s Incorrigible Iran Delusions

To the extent that Iran has changed at all because of administration policy, it has changed for the worse.

Posted January 3rd, 2019

Graham and Our Confused Syria Policy

It can’t be stressed enough how unnecessary and illegal an American military presence in Syria is.

Posted December 31st, 2018

Mattis and Our Bankrupt Iran Policy

Mattis’ departure removes one of the only counterweights inside the administration to the much more rabid Persophobes in Bolton and Pompeo.

Posted December 31st, 2018

The Cruelty of Sanctions

Imposing sanctions is a cruel tactic, and worse than that it is typically a useless one.

Posted December 26th, 2018

Where Is This ‘Post-American Middle East’ You Speak Of?

If this is a “post-American” region, what would one heavily influenced by the U.S. look like?

Posted December 26th, 2018

Syria and the ‘Jacksonians’

The people Mead insists on calling “Jacksonians” are generally hawkish, but it doesn’t follow that they subscribe to all of the assumptions of elite Iran and Russia hawks.

Posted December 26th, 2018

How the Trump Administration Inflicts Misery on the Iranian People

Pompeo wishes Iranians prosperity while promoting a policy that ensures misery.

Posted December 21st, 2018