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Nauert and Trump’s Disdain for Diplomacy

The appointment of Nauert just underscores that Trump has no interest in diplomacy or expertise, and he just wants people willing to recite nonsensical talking points.

Posted December 6th, 2018

Report: Heather Nauert Will Be Nominated as U.N. Ambassador

This is just the latest sign that Trump doesn’t value diplomats or diplomacy.

Posted November 1st, 2018

The Pathetic U.S. Response to the Latest Saudi Massacre

There is no point in calling for an inquiry by the perpetrators of the crime.

Posted August 9th, 2018

The Trump Administration’s Dishonest North Korea Spin

Clinging to the lie that Kim made a commitment to disarm is absurd, and it makes it impossible to trust anything that the administration says about this issue.

Posted July 31st, 2018