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Trump’s Irresponsible North Korea Rhetoric

Trump’s rhetoric suggests that he could be contemplating launching an illegal preventive war.

Posted September 19th, 2017

Trump’s Belligerent UN Speech

It was alarming to hear Trump speak in such stark, fanatical terms about international affairs.

Posted September 19th, 2017

Kelly’s Bizarre View of Mexico

The idea that Mexico is on the “verge of collapse” or comparable to Venezuela under Chavez is nonsense.

Posted September 15th, 2017

Trump’s Weakness Revisited

Trump will get rolled in any negotiation he enters into because all that interests him is the appearance of successful deal-making.

Posted September 14th, 2017

Iran Hawks and the Fantasy of a ‘Better’ Deal

Sabotaging the deal and sowing discord are the real goals of Iran hawks.

Posted September 12th, 2017

The Trump Administration’s Iran Obsession

A plan that ties the U.S. more closely to our reckless client states is a deeply flawed and irresponsible one.

Posted September 12th, 2017

The Consequences of Trump’s Venezuela Bluster

This episode is an important reminder of how unwelcome U.S. interference in the affairs of other nations usually is.

Posted September 11th, 2017

The Atrocious War on Yemen Must Be Ended

Global intervention against Yemen is what has brought the country to its terrible condition.

Posted September 11th, 2017

The Qatar Crisis and the Folly of Taking Sides

The U.S. shouldn’t have taken any side in this dispute.

Posted September 11th, 2017

Replacing Tillerson with Haley Would Be a Mistake

Especially when it comes to Iran and North Korea, Haley is much more hawkish and ideological than Tillerson.

Posted September 6th, 2017

Trump’s Latest Dangerous Response on North Korea

Publicly berating an allied government for “appeasement” at any time is a clumsy and incompetent move.

Posted September 3rd, 2017

Yes, Iran Hawks Want Conflict with Iran

The idea that these people would oppose a war with Iran is fanciful.

Posted September 1st, 2017

The Nuclear Deal Is Working

The deal has been one of the more significant successes of modern U.S. diplomacy.

Posted September 1st, 2017

Should Tillerson Resign?

Is Trump likely to choose someone more capable than Tillerson?

Posted August 31st, 2017

The U.S. Should Talk to North Korea, and Trump Should Be Quiet

There is no effective “answer” to North Korean provocations that doesn’t eventually involve diplomatic engagement with them.

Posted August 30th, 2017

Trump Seeks ‘Cooked’ Intelligence to Renege on the Nuclear Deal

According to this latest report, the White House first wants to cook the intelligence so they will have some pretext for reneging on the deal.

Posted August 28th, 2017

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

War in Yemen a bonanza for U.S. and U.K. arms merchants. Michael …

Posted August 25th, 2017