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The Fantasies of Iran Hawks

Iran hawks have tried to spin Obama’s regional policies as “appeasement of Iran” for years, but this was never true.

Posted May 26th, 2017

Trump Hectors NATO Allies, But Praises the Saudis

If we are going to flatter and applaud anyone, it should be our real allies and not reckless clients that implicate us in their war crimes.

Posted May 25th, 2017

A Strained Trump-McMaster Relationship

If McMaster is being cut out of high-level meetings with foreign leaders this early on in Trump’s presidency, it will be impossible for him to do his job effectively

Posted May 25th, 2017

Lieberman Withdraws from FBI Director Search

Someone as unqualified for the job as Lieberman was should never have been on the list of possible nominees in the first place.

Posted May 25th, 2017

The Disastrous War on Yemen Continues

Despite Saudi delusions to the contrary, they cannot win this war.

Posted May 25th, 2017

There Is an Opportunity for Improved Relations with Iran

There is an opportunity here for the U.S. to reduce tensions with Iran if our leaders were wise enough to take it.

Posted May 25th, 2017

The ‘Titanic Shift’ in U.S. Foreign Policy That Wasn’t

The U.S. has long allowed itself to be played for a sucker by its regional clients, but Trump has proven to be the biggest mark of all.

Posted May 25th, 2017

Bowing Before the Saudis

In policy terms, Trump’s visit amounted to bowing very low before the Saudi king.

Posted May 24th, 2017

Congress Must Oppose the Saudi Arms Deal

It falls to Congress to try to rein in U.S. support for the atrocious war on Yemen.

Posted May 24th, 2017

The Saudi Visit and Trump’s Unprincipled Foreign Policy

The Trump administration celebrates war criminals for their leadership and vision.

Posted May 22nd, 2017

Trump’s Embarrassing Saudi Visit

Trump went out of his way to identify himself and the U.S. very publicly with one of our most awful clients.

Posted May 22nd, 2017

Trump’s ‘Principled Realism’ Is Neither Principled Nor Realist

Trump saluted the Saudis and their coalition for their “strong action” in Yemen.

Posted May 21st, 2017

Trump and Mohammed bin Salman

Trump and MBS are both remarkably incompetent in their respective roles.

Posted May 18th, 2017

Lieberman Shouldn’t Be FBI Director

If Trump goes ahead with a Lieberman nomination, he will be choosing someone widely regarded as unqualified for the job.

Posted May 18th, 2017

Report: Joe Lieberman Is Trump’s Leading Choice for FBI Director

We should view a Lieberman nomination with extreme skepticism.

Posted May 18th, 2017

Report: U.S. Bombs Pro-Regime Forces in Syria

This incident shows how easily the U.S. can be pulled into a new conflict because of its support for opposition groups inside Syria.

Posted May 18th, 2017

Flynn’s Turkish Connection

Trump made Flynn his National Security Advisor knowing that he was suspected of working as a lobbyist for a foreign government.

Posted May 17th, 2017