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‘Cooking’ and Ignoring Intelligence on Iran

it is telling that Trump is now regurgitating the pro-war dead-ender narrative that “faulty intelligence” was to blame for the Iraq war.

Posted February 3rd, 2019

Questions for Tillerson

It is a worrisome sign that so many of the people responsible for one of the worst foreign policy records in modern U.S. history are satisfied with his selection.

Posted December 21st, 2016

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

The war the world forgot. Gabriel Gatehouse reports in the first part …

Posted September 11th, 2015

Cheney’s Shameless Iran Demagoguery

Cheney is ideologically opposed to making the compromises that make diplomatic agreements possible.

Posted September 9th, 2015

Cheney and the So-Called “Freedom Agenda”

Peter Beinart is imagining things: It’s worth recognizing how directly Cheney is …

Posted June 30th, 2014

We Don’t Need To Hear From Any Iraq War Hawks

Jonathan Chait is partly right here, but his observations are not as …

Posted June 18th, 2014

Explaining Republican Opposition to the Cheney Candidacy

Dana Milbank misunderstands the negative Republican reaction to Cheney’s primary challenge: The …

Posted July 19th, 2013

Possibly the Most Pointless Primary Challenge Ever

So it’s official. Liz Cheney has announced her intention to seek the …

Posted July 16th, 2013

How Interventions in the ’90s Shaped Views on the Iraq War

Dan Drezner attributes his original support for invading Iraq to U.S. successes …

Posted March 22nd, 2013

Feaver’s Absurd Iraq War “Myth”-Busting

Peter Feaver sets out to debunk five “myths” about the Iraq war, …

Posted March 18th, 2013

The Fantasy of a “Fiscal Cheney”

Mark Leibovich describes the idea (via Sullivan): Ryan told me that he …

Posted October 16th, 2012

Movement Conservatives and The Consolation Prize of the VP Nomination

Conor Friedersdorf responds to Noah’s recent post on the Ryan selection: Jonathan …

Posted August 13th, 2012

Ryanmania Continues

Jonathan Chait exaggerates the extent of conservative Ryanmania, but not by much: …

Posted August 10th, 2012

Romney and “the Cheneyites” (II)

Jacob Heilbrunn ties himself into Kremlinological knots over Romney’s fundraiser at Cheney’s …

Posted July 12th, 2012

Romney and the “Cheneyites”

The New York Times reports on foreign policy debate inside the Romney …

Posted June 28th, 2012