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Yes, Iran Hawks Want Conflict with Iran

The idea that these people would oppose a war with Iran is fanciful.

Posted September 1st, 2017

The GOP Is Finally Debating Bush-Era Failures

Party and movement leaders have been committed to making excuses and rationalizations for Bush-era failures long after Bush left office.

Posted February 15th, 2016

A Bad WWI Counterfactual

A bad WWI counterfactual based on a poor reading of the history of the war and its aftermath.

Posted June 3rd, 2015

No, Warren Shouldn’t Run for President

A presidential campaign would be a trap for Warren.

Posted January 14th, 2015

Perry’s Stale Foreign Policy

Perry’s latest foreign policy remarks are tone-deaf and foolish.

Posted October 28th, 2014

Is Scottish Independence Bad for America?

No matter which way Scotland votes this week, U.S. interests won’t be significantly harmed.

Posted September 16th, 2014

We Don’t Need To Hear From Any Iraq War Hawks

Jonathan Chait is partly right here, but his observations are not as …

Posted June 18th, 2014

The “Future of the European Continent” Is Not at Stake in Kiev

David Frum makes what may be the most absurd and alarmist argument …

Posted December 3rd, 2013

The “Pragmatic” Politics of Subtraction

David Frum wants the GOP to become a rump party: Right now, …

Posted October 15th, 2013

A Few of the Things Iraq Hawks Got Wrong (and Why)

David Frum offers one reason why war supporters were so overconfident in …

Posted March 6th, 2013

The Race to Assign Blame for Romney’s Loss Has Already Begun

Michael concludes his recent post with a prediction: Failure is an orphan, …

Posted September 25th, 2012

How Can a Republican Be Losing This Election? Just Look at How the GOP Responded to 2006 and 2008

Rod Dreher comments on the prospect of a “civil war” in the …

Posted September 20th, 2012

Even If He Doesn’t Order an Attack, Romney’s Iran Policy Could Be Dangerous

Noah Millman comments on the debate between Sullivan and Frum on Romney’s …

Posted September 2nd, 2012

Romney and the Politics of Health Care Repeal

David Frum comments on the political implications of the Supreme Court’s ACA …

Posted June 28th, 2012