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The Destruction of Arms Control

Bolton wants to burn down the last arms control treaty that remains for purely ideological reasons that have nothing to do with the security of the United States.

Posted July 1st, 2019

Bolton Gets Ready to Kill New START

Like all of his complaints about arms control agreements, Bolton’s criticisms of New START are made in bad faith.

Posted June 27th, 2019

IAEA Confirms Iranian Compliance for the Fifteenth Time

If the deal is going to survive, Iran can’t be the only party to the agreement that fully honors its commitments.

Posted May 31st, 2019

Why the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act Should Be Defeated

The bill is clearly written to make it impossible for the U.S. to live up to its end of an agreement with Iran.

Posted March 23rd, 2015

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

Antiwar Eastwood. Asawin Suebsaeng reports on Clint Eastwood’s antiwar views and how …

Posted January 23rd, 2015