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The Inexhaustible Bad Faith of Iran Hawks

Much like Romney’s complaints about the “flaws” in New START, Cruz’s complaints about “sunset clauses” and the like are objections made in bad faith by someone who wants to demolish the entire structure.

Posted September 22nd, 2019

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

The poisonous fruits of “maximum pressure.” Barbara Slavin explains the destructive effects …

Posted September 20th, 2019

Trump’s Hawkish and Bankrupt Iran Policy

Trump’s Iran policy is “the hawkish policy” in action, and if it is a disaster that is because the “hawkish policy” was guaranteed to be one.

Posted July 9th, 2019

The Injustice of Sanctions

It is inherently unjust to add to the burdens of people who are already enduring the corruption, mismanagement, and abuses of their government.

Posted February 7th, 2019

Trump’s Foreign Policy After the Midterms

The midterm results will have some practical effects on Trump’s foreign policy.

Posted November 8th, 2018

The Bungling Saudi Crown Prince

The quarrel with Canada makes the kingdom look like an insecure, petty authoritarian regime that can’t take even the mildest criticism from an otherwise friendly government.

Posted August 7th, 2018

Republican Hawks and Trump

Regrettably, hawkish opposition to Trump hasn’t made the administration’s foreign policy any less hawkish or destructive, and it has created an opening for fringe hard-liners and lunatics to take over.

Posted July 12th, 2018

Where Is the Debate Over Attacking North Korea?

There has been a noticeable lack of debate over attacking North Korea, but administration officials have been anything but coy about the possibility that they might do this.

Posted December 14th, 2017

The Wrecking of the State Department Hasn’t Stopped

Career department officials can be forgiven for assuming that the purpose of gutting the department has been to make it so useless that it can be ignored.

Posted October 17th, 2017

How Waiving the Jones Act Helps Puerto Rico

Ideally, the law should be repealed or significantly altered so that this unfair arrangement is no longer a burden on the island’s economy.

Posted September 27th, 2017

Should Tillerson Resign?

Is Trump likely to choose someone more capable than Tillerson?

Posted August 31st, 2017

Trump’s Failing Hard-line Approach

Trump’s handling of foreign policy in particular shows that he thinks he can just browbeat adversaries and allies alike into submission.

Posted July 31st, 2017

Tillerson and the Wrecking of the State Department

Tillerson is there to hollow out the State Department and make it as dysfunctional as he can.

Posted July 20th, 2017

Trump’s Foreign Policy and U.S. ‘Leadership’

When a foreign policy pundit declares that U.S. “leadership” has been brought to an end by this or that action, he is often just saying that he thinks the current president is conducting foreign policy the wrong way.

Posted June 5th, 2017

Trump and U.S. Support for Authoritarian Power-Grabs

When he sides with authoritarian leaders against their domestic opposition, Trump is unfortunately not so different from his predecessors.

Posted April 18th, 2017

Would the Public Rally Behind Trump in a Crisis?

The idea that a president can revive his flagging political fortunes through foreign adventurism or ginning up an international crisis may seem plausible at first, but that isn’t what usually happens.

Posted April 5th, 2017

Anti-Trump Republicans and Trump’s ‘Blacklist’

Professionals that want to serve in government should refrain from signing their names to denunciations of candidates unless they are prepared to be shut out from government positions as a result.

Posted January 17th, 2017