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Hook’s Despicable Yemen Propaganda

Blaming Iran for the harm done to Yemen by the U.S.-backed Saudi coalition is the administration’s most sickening rhetorical maneuver, and it is also one of their most common.

Posted September 9th, 2019

Brian Hook’s Farcical E-Mail Scam

The administration’s Iran obsession has reached a point where they are now trying to bribe people to act as pirates on their behalf.

Posted September 4th, 2019

The Strangling of Iran

If we look at what the administration does as it piles sanctions on top of sanctions, we can see that they just want to strangle Iran.

Posted September 4th, 2019

Trump’s Immoral Iran Policy

There isn’t any concern that innocent Iranians are being ground under the wheel of sanctions because inflicting collective punishment is exactly what they want to do.

Posted August 22nd, 2019

Trump’s Despicable Venezuela Embargo

The president is dooming countless innocent people in Venezuela to die from hunger and preventable disease.

Posted August 5th, 2019

The Injustice of Economic Warfare

The administration knows perfectly well that the sanctions have closed off safe channels for humanitarian goods, and they don’t care.

Posted July 30th, 2019

Trump’s Iran Disinformation Campaign

The Trump administration’s message isn’t true, and its recipients know that better than anyone.

Posted July 25th, 2019

Hook’s Message: Trust Us, We’re Unreliable

Hook is telling Iran that they have no reason to negotiate a new agreement, since no agreement with the U.S. can now be counted on to outlast the administration that makes it.

Posted June 24th, 2019

Hawks Distort Iran’s Past and Present

The Trump administration’s Iran policy relies on distorting and twisting reality.

Posted May 21st, 2019

Iran Hawks and ‘Normal’ Countries

Like other Iran hawks, Hook cannot acknowledge, much less accept, that Iran has legitimate security interests just as any other state does.

Posted April 8th, 2019

Sanctions Devastate the People, But They Strengthen the Regime

The harm done to the civilian population by the “maximum pressure” campaign isn’t unexpected or unintentional. Hurting the civilian population is essential to the administration’s policy.

Posted April 3rd, 2019

Ending U.S. Support for the War Is Not ‘Abandoning’ Yemen

The administration is demanding that we continue to abandon the people of Yemen to famine, poverty, and despair so that our monstrous client states remain satisfied.

Posted November 29th, 2018

Iran Sanctions Are Unjust Collective Punishment

Strangling an entire country’s economy is necessarily a hostile act against the civilian population, and there is no way that it couldn’t be.

Posted November 5th, 2018

Trump’s Bankrupt Iran Policy

It is no wonder that the Iranian government has no interest in “negotiations” that amount to capitulation.

Posted September 19th, 2018

The Wrecking of the State Department Hasn’t Stopped

Career department officials can be forgiven for assuming that the purpose of gutting the department has been to make it so useless that it can be ignored.

Posted October 17th, 2017