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A Deceptive Defense Department Report on Torture in Yemen

The U.S. position on the UAE’s torture of detainees in Yemen is a disgraceful case of “see no evil, hear no evil.”

Posted January 8th, 2019

A Very Unsatisfying U.S. Response to the UAE’s Torture Prisons

The UAE certainly can’t be relied on to investigate itself in this matter, and the U.S. shouldn’t be satisfied with their self-serving denials.

Posted July 19th, 2018

A ‘Dark Time’ in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has long been a repressive and authoritarian state, but the latest crackdown suggests that it is becoming even worse under the leadership of the reckless crown prince.

Posted September 19th, 2017

The Senate Votes This Week on Resolution Against Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia

A vote on stopping the arms sale will force tacit backers of the Saudi-led war to go on record.

Posted September 19th, 2016

More U.S. Weapons for the Saudis’ War on Yemen

The bombing campaign will continue to claim more civilian lives, and the U.S. will be partly responsible for that.

Posted November 17th, 2015

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

Neoconservative fairy tales about Syria. Matt Purple debunks some of the most …

Posted October 9th, 2015

Why Enabling the War on Yemen Must Stop

The latest bombing is just the most recent example in a well-documented pattern of coalition airstrikes hitting civilian targets.

Posted October 7th, 2015