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The Massacre of the Innocents in Yemen

The attack killed more than 50 civilians, including 40 children, and injured another 79 people.

Posted August 20th, 2018

Dozens of Yemeni Children Killed in Saudi Coalition Airstrike

As long as the U.S. arms and refuels coalition planes while they slaughter Yemeni civilians in attacks like this one, our government is implicated in the war crimes enabled by our unstinting military assistance.

Posted August 9th, 2018

A Saudi Coalition Hospital Massacre in Hodeidah

These attacks demonstrate the coalition’s blatant disregard for civilian lives.

Posted August 2nd, 2018

Killing Yemen with Hunger

The war on Yemen further impoverishes an already poor country and strangles the civilian population with starvation.

Posted July 11th, 2018

Another Saudi Coalition Wedding Massacre in Yemen

The Saudi coalition slaughtered more Yemeni wedding-goers in another massacre today.

Posted July 3rd, 2018