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Joe Biden's War Against Gender

Over the course of the Biden presidency, the government has shelled out $17 million on studies into transgender treatments

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The Biden administration is pushing hormone therapy treatments and puberty blockers for children, despite spending millions on studies that explore such treatment’s dangers, according to a bombshell report from Fox News’ Patrick Hauf.

Currently, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is funding just under 30 different studies to look into the medical consequences for individuals, particularly young people, who undergo hormone therapy, including increased cardiovascular risks, infertility, and increased chance of contracting severe sexually transmitted diseases, Hauf reported. Since the Obama administration, the NIH has been providing more grant money to research the risks or benefits of transgender-related treatments. Under President Joe Biden however, the effort has dramatically increased, in line with the Biden administration’s five-year plan to help “sexual and gender minorities.”


Over the course of the Biden presidency, the government has shelled out $17 million on these various studies. And the studies started by the Biden administration are set to receive even more funding in the coming years. Of course, given the Biden administration’s hiring practices and the revolving door of gender-bending TikTok influencers that visit the White House, it's obvious the administration wants the results of these studies to bolster hormone therapy and other treatments.

But that hasn’t been the case thus far. A study that received over $1.5 million in government funds to research puberty blockers found that they may "disrupt puberty-signaled neural maturation in ways that can undermine mental health gains over time and impact quality of life in other ways." Another puberty-blockers study, which received over $1.1 million, looked into the impact puberty blockers can have on skeletal development. And while the study found “there is little information available on its effects on bone health in young peri-pubertal transgender youth,” it noted that hormone shifts can create long-term skeletal health issues. Both also emphasized that the ultimate impact of puberty blockers is understudied.

Which is why other arms of the government that focus on health, such as the Food and Drug Administration FDA, have not approved puberty blockers and hormone therapy as treatments for youths attempting to ostensibly change genders.

Yet, Biden’s White House has claimed that state bans on puberty blockers and hormone therapy for minors are "bullying disguised as legislation" and an attack on "lifesaving health care,” according to Hauf’s report. Back in March, Biden’s Department of Justice warned states that bans on such treatments violated federal nondiscrimination laws, and has sued states, such as Arkansas and Alabama, that have gone forward with bans.

Just over the weekend, Biden was interviewed by Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender activist who has gotten famous off of posting daily TikToks about his transition. Mulvaney asked, “do you think states should have a right to ban gender affirming health care.”

“I don’t think any state or anybody should have a right to do that,” the president mumbled. “As a moral question and as a legal question.”

It all goes to show just how devoted the left is to conquering the confines of gender. They believe that overcoming gender, something so fundamental to the human condition both physically and socially, will force the world to reevaluate what other constraints humanity might overcome. If that means a few hundred thousand children need to have their genitals mutilated and their lives irreparably damaged to make that so, they say so be it. In their minds, there is no nature, only nurture, and the lack of will to make it so.


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