Especially attentive readers may have noticed that since resuming blogging I’ve been doing things a little differently. Often in the past I had wanted to write more meditative and reflective, or, alternatively, more aphoristic posts, but had hesitated to do so because I wasn’t sure what kind of comments they might generate. (Puzzled ones, probably.) I also wanted to write essays in installments, developing ideas over time, correcting course when necessary or moving in unanticipated directions; but again, I hesitated because I could imagine challenges or arguments that I could only answer by saying “Please wait until installment 4. Or maybe 5.”

I had such hesitations because when I’m writing for sites that have comments I feel a responsibility to respond to as many of those comments as I can, even though that’s time-consuming — and indeed takes time that might better be spent writing new posts. So I found myself unconsciously shying away from styles and topics that would lead to my having to spend a lot of time in comment threads explaining my purposes or justifying some statement that I had made or asking people to hold their fire until the series is over.

So finally I said to myself, I know how to solve this problem: disable comments and write what I want. So that’s what I’m going to do. I hope you’ll be compensated for the closure of the comboxes by having more vivid and provocative stuff to read here.

To mark some of these changes, I’ve created two new categories for this blog. The first is called “Shorts,” and will be used to mark brief meditation, mini-essays, on a random collection of trivial topics. (I hope these will be more interesting than I’m making them sound.) The second category is “Series,” and I’ll use it to mark the essays-in-installments, each of which will be identifiable by a common title. So, sometime in the next few days, look for the first installment of the first series: it’ll be called “City Meditations: 1.”