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The Return of the Blogger

Well, I’m back.

Let’s see, what happened while was gone? I have edited the first proofs of my forthcoming biography of the Book of Common Prayer — and have I mentioned that I created a tumblelog where I can display notes and images related to the book? Please check it out. The book itself should be out in November; when there’s an Amazon page for pre-order, I’ll let y’all know.

My “coffee-table website” — as some have called it — was down for a while but is back online, in triumph: Gospel of the Trees.

I continue to be very busy preparing to wrap up my long career at Wheaton College and move to Texas to teach in the Honors College at Baylor University.

I have signed a contract with Harvard University Press to write a book on Christian humanism in a time of total war.

Now that I’m back on this blog, things will be a little different in two respects. First, there won’t be any comments. Second — and this is actually a related move — I will be posting (in addition to the usual kind of post you’re all familiar with) works-in-progress: that is, ideas that will be developed over multiple posts. Think of them as essays on the installment plan. I’ll present a thought, then return to that thought later to expand it, or pursue its implications, or contradict it, as reflection prompts. Perhaps from these interrelated posts something coherent will emerge: we’ll see.

Both of these changes reflect my ongoing dissatisfaction with the common architecture of “the blog,” and my determination to take advantage of what’s good about it while resisting what’s problematic. Stay tuned, then, for experiments!

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Alan Jacobs is a Distinguished Professor of the Humanities in the Honors Program at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and the author most recently of The Book of Common Prayer: A Biography.

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