One thing I’ve noticed while driving around Waco is how many billboards are devoted to real estate agents. They’re clearly local celebrities. And as I started seeing the same faces over and over again it occurred to me that someone should make a movie about rivalries among Texas real estate agents. I imagine two women: one older, more established, dignified, authoritative — the queen bee of local real estate — and the other a sweet, smiling, adorably cure but utterly ruthless young woman climbing the ladder of success and eager to cast that queen bee from the throne and assume it herself. The established top pro will of course begin by laughing at the ambitious youngster — until she loses two or three lucrative sales to her. Then the rivalry starts to heat up, and we’ll enjoy all the two of them do to undermine each other, and how the home-owners and -buyers benefit from it all — or not.

Anybody want to cast this one? A few years ago Reese Witherspoon would have been the only person in Hollywood to play the Young Turk of Texas Realty, but she might be between the two parts now.

You’re welcome, Hollywood. I’ll be content with half-a-percent of the gross.