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Academic Prejudice Against Conservatives, Revisited

Is the academy prejudiced against conservatives? That depends on what you mean by "the academy."
Alan Jacobs March 22, 2016

Conservatives in the Academy: It Could Be Worse!

Are conditions for conservatives in the academy better than most conservatives believe?
Alan Jacobs March 19, 2016

How to Deal with Skeptical Students Without Being a Jerk

The anti-religious professor had a point — but didn't have to treat his religious students with contempt.
Alan Jacobs March 11, 2016

On Arguments Against Religious Education

Clarifying four logically consistent and coherent theses for the opposition
Alan Jacobs January 20, 2016

Christian Education and ‘Intellectual Compromise’

Claims that secular institutions are intrinsically academically superior are unsustainable.
Alan Jacobs December 18, 2015

Compassion and the Humanities

The search for common, human wisdom should reconcile, not reinforce, identity divides.
Alan Jacobs November 30, 2015

Fear, Safety, and Education

What kind of teacher cares so little for students as to refuse to challenge them?
Alan Jacobs November 12, 2015

The Librarian

Duke Humfrey’s Library, the first part of the Bodleian Library, courtesy of the Bodleian This little piece in the…
Alan Jacobs July 22, 2013

T. S. Eliot on Modern Education

Submitted for your consideration. The Charles William Eliot mentioned here was the poet’s older cousin, and the president of…
Alan Jacobs July 18, 2013

Lee Siegel, For and Against the Humanities

Even though it’s trying too hard to be counter-intuitive, I really like this essay by Lee Siegel because it…
Alan Jacobs July 16, 2013