Category: Arts

Hollywood and Cultural Appropriation

How can we tell the difference between bad "cultural appropriation" and the kind that's intrinsic to culture itself?
Alan Jacobs April 15, 2016

Creativity and Constraint

Holding back can be the hardest thing for artists to do, and the most rewarding.
Alan Jacobs March 4, 2016


From Star Wars to The Lord of the Rings and beyond, victory does not always belong to the powerful.
Alan Jacobs December 23, 2015

The Selfish Babette

This morning Rod calls our attention to this post about cooking the central dish from Babette’s Feast. The movie…
Alan Jacobs August 2, 2013

Sarah Losh’s Church

photo by Flickr user horslips5 What you see above is the exterior of the strange and beautiful St. Mary’s…
Alan Jacobs July 19, 2013

Do Suburbs Lack Sacred Space?

Church of the Most Holy Trinity, Vienna, Austria  Aaron Renn says they do: Suburbs are often unfairly maligned as…
Alan Jacobs June 20, 2013

The Millman Interlocution

It’s always fun to debate with Noah Millman. So let me do so now! First of all, make sure…
Alan Jacobs June 6, 2013

Strikeouts and Stigmas

Joe DiMaggio, paragon of discipline Reading The Slurve this morning — and you do all subscribe to The Slurve,…
Alan Jacobs May 17, 2013

Interviewing Dylan

image courtesy the Telegraph of London So one of my students who’s a passionate Bob Dylan fan lent me…
Alan Jacobs April 28, 2013

Copyright Woes

The frustrations of trying to share a 60 year-old Auden poem without breaking the law
Alan Jacobs February 20, 2013