Politics Foreign Affairs Culture Fellows Program

Where does the conservative movement go in the post-Trump era? Does the Trump phenomenon represent an ideological shift for the Right–or does the policy playbook remain the same?

TAC’s “Main Street” conservatism serves as a roadmap for our current moment: Realism & restraint in foreign affairs. A humane economy that prioritizes families and local communities. An immigration system that takes into account the challenges of assimilation and the social fabric of communities already here. A social realm that rejects the poison of idenity politics and licentiousness.

Please join the leadership of The American Conservative for a special dinner on the Saturday evening of the Spring meeting of the Philadelphia Society as they expand on this vision for the magazine the movement.

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Sponorship opportunities are available. To learn more, please visit www.theamericanconservative.com/TXdinner, or contact Shaun Rieley at srieley@theamericanconservative.com.