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Transgender ‘Equality’ = Uterus Transplants

Plus, US Army chaplain under investigation for criticizing Biden's trans order
Illustration of ovaries and womb

Did you know that uterus transplants were a thing? They’ve done about 50 of them, but they’re still an experimental procedure. They offer the possibility that infertile women can have children. Seven years ago, a child was born in Sweden to a mom with a transplanted womb.

Now, though, comes this news from the Journal of the American Medical Association:


Did you see the part about how having “a transplanted, functioning vagina” is something these male-to-female transsexuals want to have, to improve their sexual experience?

Taking vaginas of cadavers and sewing them into biological men so they can have sex with it. How many women will remove themselves as organ donors if biological males will use their reproductive system in this way?

This world is mad. In The Benedict Option, I quote a prominent Catholic physician saying that he would not want his children to go into medicine, because the field is changing so fast, via wokeness, to mainstream forms of care that traditional Christians would deem immoral. He said he feared his kids would end up having to choose between having to quit their jobs and suffer bankruptcy from medical school debt, or violating their consciences.

Along these lines, Spain’s left-wing coalition government is considering letting people change their genders in law with a simple bureaucratic procedure:

People in Spain wishing to change their official gender will no longer have to undergo medical and psychological exams or years of hormone treatment if a bill from the Equality Ministry on Wednesday is taken up by the government and becomes law.

Spain currently requires transgender people to have hormone treatment for two years before they can change their gender on administrative records, a precondition criticised by the European Court of Human Rights.

An official at the Equality Ministry, which is run by the far-left party Unidad Podemos, said the state should not “submit trans people to blackmail” in this way.

And, a chaplain at Fort Hood in Texas is in trouble for not bowing down to the trans god:

A Facebook post in which Maj. Andrew Calvert, the unit chaplain for Fort Hood’s 3rd Security Force Assistance Brigade, criticized President Joe Biden’s executive order lifting a ban on transgender troops is under investigation, the unit’s spokesman, Maj. Jefferson T. Grimes, confirmed to the Army Times.

“How is rejecting reality (biology) not evidence that a person is mentally unfit (ill), and thus making that person unqualified to serve,” Calvert wrote in the post Monday on the Army Times Facebook page.

“There is little difference in this than over those who believe and argue for a ‘flat earth,’ despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary,” he wrote.

“The motivation is different, but the argument is the same. This person is a MedBoard for Mental Wellness waiting to happen. What a waste of military resources and funding!” he wrote.

Grimes told the Army Times in an email the unit is aware of the post and said “the matter is currently under investigation.”

So much for living not by lies in the US military. I had a phone conversation today with an old friend, a Catholic who was in the Navy for 13 years. I brought this story up. He said, “I am a patriot, and I am proud of my service, but I would not advise any Christian to go into the military today.”

He explained that he had talked a young family member into going into the service, and now regrets it. From what the young man tells him, wokeness is everywhere there. We talked about how President Biden had rescinded President Trump’s ban on transgender troops. My Navy vet friend said, “Imagine having to call your commanding officer who is really a female ‘Sir.’ I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t lie like that.”