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Emmanuel Goldstein Vs. Abortion Clinics

Despite current violence and intimidation by pro-choicers, CBS wants you to know the real threat is from pro-lifers
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Look at this:

The thing we need to all get straight in our heads is that from here on out, the intelligence services are going to be waging information war against dissenters on the Right. This “bulletin” comes from an agency in the state of Maryland, but the reporter gives no context.

Look, if there are right-wing nuts out there who want to hurt or intimidate pro-abortion people, or anybody else, then I want the government to be all over them. But come on, open your eyes: does it look to you like any of the violence, or potential violence, around the abortion issue right now is coming from the pro-life side?

It was quite a surprise to me to learn last year from an ex-CIA officer that the agency is very woke. That woke CIA recruitment ad we all laughed about last year actually reflects the reality of culture inside the agency, and throughout the US intelligence bureaucracy. With conservative Supreme Court justices now facing threats outside their houses from the militant Left, the Cathedral is working its narrative through sympathetic media. All those right-wing Christian Emmanuel Goldsteins are out to sabotage the Revolution!

You watch: conservative Christians are about to learn what it was like to be a Muslim in this country immediately after 9/11. Except back then, innocent Muslims could count on the media pumping out the message 24/7 that we should not judge all Muslims by the actions of a few. Now the media can be counted on to align itself with the message of demonization.

I tell you, to watch the US media from abroad (in my case, Hungary) reporting the Ukraine-Russia war was really instructive. It was shockingly unbalanced. I felt myself turning into some sort of Noam Chomsky of the Right as I came to regard most US media reports as little more than an attempt to manufacture consent for war with Russia. And I say that as someone who deplores Russia’s invasion, and wants the Ukrainians to kick the Russians out! But the Biden Administration and the Blob (e.g., veteran blobster Sen. Lindsey Graham) are bound and determined to get America more and more involved in a shooting war with Russia. This is a bipartisan thing. This is a Cathedral thing

(N.B., “the Cathedral” is the neoreactionary term for the informal coalition of elites who run the country and who regard themselves as guardians of secular liberal democratic holy writ; I am not a neoreactionary, but the term is accurate and useful.)



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