Not really a View From Your Table, but you gotta see this. Our reader Giuseppe Scalas sends this photo of the spit at his family’s home in Sardinia. That’s the suckling wolf they roasted for Christmas. You read that correctly. Says Giuseppe:

The tradition here in Sardinia is to cook them before they are weaned. The meat is tender and the skin, when properly done, crispy and savory.

I will take his word for it. Buon appetito!

UPDATE: I’m such an idiot. I thought that looked like a pig, but I misread his English phrasing, thinking he was describing a suckling wolf. What he was saying is that the suckling pig was not eaten by the big bad wolf (but was eaten by a bunch of Sardinians, including himself). I’m so embarrassed! The fault was not Giuseppe’s English (which is flawless), but my reading. What can I say? The kids got me up before daylight this morning to open presents, and I’m ending the day full of ham. That, plus I’m dumb.