According to the fontmeister Simon Garfield, these are the eight worst fonts in the world. I agree with him that the 2012 Olympic font, pictured above, is the worst. I would have given second-worst to the horrifying Brush Script, which is his No. 5:

If, during the 1940s, you were ever persuaded by government posters to bathe with a friend or dig for victory, the persuading was probably done in Brush Script. If, during the 1960s or ’70s, you worked on a college or community magazine, then Brush Script screamed, Use me, I look like handwriting. If, during the 1990s, you ever perused the menu of a local restaurant (the sort of restaurant opened by people who on a starlit evening thought, “I’m a pretty good cook–I think I’ll open a restaurant!”), then that menu had a good chance of featuring Pear, Blue Cheese and Walnut Salad on a Bed of Brush Script. And if, in the twenty-first century, you ever even momentarily considered putting Brush Script on any document at all, even in an ironic way, then you should immediately relinquish all claims to taste.

You know who uses Brush Script? Old people who like to put “quotation marks” around words or phrases for emphasis. I passed a high school team bus the other day that said, on the front of the bus, “Hawks” — with the quotation marks. Why old people, why? And why do you Arbitrarily capitalize Words within sentences, even Though you aren’t German?

(Via BoingBoing)