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White Supremacy Ate Harvard Student’s Homework

Founder of university's malign spirit rose from the dead and entered the pores of innocent undergraduate, or something (Source)

When the history of our insane age of cultural breakdown is written, this op-ed in the Harvard Crimson, by a black female student dropping out of the pre-med program, will be a primary document. Kyla G. — who, as a Harvard student, is one of the most privileged people on the planet — explains to the university community how white supremacy drove her out. Excerpts:

While this isn’t just another story about the toxicity of pre-med culture, getting weeded out, or leaving my academic path for some earth-shattering love of another aspiration, it is a story of how white supremacy lives and breathes in each of our bodies, spreading between each of us — body to body — like contagion. It is a story of trying to mitigate chronic pain to create the possibility for genuine healing and recovery. A story of a great act of resistance: a Black woman choosing herself.

I took an inorganic chemistry exam the same day that a grand jury failed to charge two police officers with the murder of Breonna Taylor. That day, my body inhaled molecules of white supremacy as they seeped out of my computer from that proctored Zoom room. They entered my bloodstream and catalyzed a metabolism that would allow for the invasion of my body by a violently infectious life form. A chronic pain, caused by the perpetuation of lethally unjust practices and compounded by the silence and avoidance between myself and my educators when it comes to Black women’s lives, would make its way through and onto neighboring cells within my physical being. The presence of the germ of white supremacy would cause a steric hindrance within me, slowing down and even preventing the reactions of learning and healing that I desperately needed for myself and from others in that moment. The exam began, and I haven’t been able to show up mentally or emotionally in a science class since.

Steric hindrances? Golly. There’s more:

But no more. I have chosen a path to justice and healing that is rooted in self-love and preservation.

For Black women, self-care is an act of liberation. It disrupts systems of power — even at places like Harvard — that hold a stake in patriarchy and institutionalized racism. It is a way for us to free ourselves and dilute our pain from historical patterns of trauma caused by everyday violences. It is a crucial aspect of embracing and valuing our dignity and self-worth because trauma doesn’t have to be our destiny. We deserve to heal, to grow, to change. And sometimes it looks like distancing ourselves from potentially toxic, or infectious, scenarios or spaces to protect our energy and safeguard it for our own well-being.

Well done, Kyla! You couldn’t handle pre-med classes, so you blamed your failure on whiteness, and claimed that your dropping out was a revolutionary act. Read the whole thing.  

This kind of weaponized self-pity will take Miss G. far. One expects that she will change her major to something that prepares her to work in the baizuocracy as a DEI commissar, where she can work out her insecurities by terrorizing everyone under her authority, and be well-paid for it.

Seriously, though, what a decadent country we are in when a grown-ass woman behaves this way. If one of my children ever wrote something like this, I would read them the riot act. Remember, Harvard is one of the places where America’s ruling class is trained. At what point will the failure of institutions like Harvard to produce people who are capable of actual work, as opposed to manipulating the emotions of those in institutional power, actually hurt them? When will it hurt the system? I’m serious about the dangers of a lunatic racist like Kyla moving into a position of power within American institutions. True, there is a lot of ruin in a nation, but at some point, the bill for indulging this kind of bigoted garbage that justifies incompetence is going to come due.

(Via Steve Sailer)

UPDATE: A reader writes:

I think you were a little hard on that Harvard student.
Let me offer an alternative interpretation.
She doesn’t have hope.
The old script: go to Harvard, become a doctor, join the elite, change the world.  This script has been upended in her mind because at any moment the cops might burst in with a no knock warrant and guns out and none of that education or status will matter.
I agree that this is not necessarily a race problem, we have steadily militarized the police since 9-11, and don’t show any sign of taking away practices like no knock warrants.
She is in a state of despair.  She frames the despair in racial terms and that is the fault of her elite education. However, the despair and hopelessness she expresses would tie in as an example of what you are writing your book about.  Her world is flat, a battle between the white team and the black team.  There isn’t a transcendent reality available for her to actually find the “healing” she seeks, and maintain the hope of being a doctor and making a difference in the world.  So she throws in the towel and blames everyone else.  What 19 year old hasn’t done that?  Unfortunately, she lacks competent mentors to tell her to keep going.
You might think, “You are making her a victim, how woke of you…” She is a victim, a victim of rotten education from top to bottom that offers resentment without hope and torpedoes the careers of the brightest minorities before they even get started. She will be applauded for taking this self-defeating stand. And that, is what they call systemic racism.
Maybe it is not too late for her to realize that oppressors can be of any colour.
I hope not.
Thanks for that letter. I am hard on that student precisely because she is a Harvard student, which means she is (or is supposed to be) among the best and the brightest. She could not handle the work at Harvard. That’s understandable; it might happen to me too. But I don’t believe for a second that her overwhelming anxiety is because of whiteness. One of my close friends from high school ended up at an Ivy League school — and it made her miserable. She was (is) white, but she did not come from a wealthy family, unlike her suite mates. She was under a lot of psychological pressure. I would bet something like this is happening to that student, but she expresses it in frankly racist ways, and ridiculous ways. The “germ of white supremacy,” inhaled through Zoom? Please. This kid is at Harvard, and because of that, will enjoy more privilege in her life than the great majority of her generation, of all races. We’re supposed to see her quitting her pre-med courses as a sign of protest against white supremacy? She’s peeing on our collective leg, and telling us it’s raining.
UPDATE.2: Molecules of white supremacy that came through the computer and infected this student, causing her to fail her classes? A reader points out in the comments that the Nazis demonized Jews by comparing them to infectious agents that polluted the body politic. Here’s a Nazi propaganda poster saying that Jews are like typhus-bearing lice:
History tells us that we had better not indulge these disgusting racist claims, such as the black Harvard student made. The fact that she can get away with publishing something like that at one of the world’s most elite universities is a very bad sign of the times.
From the Nazi newspaper Der Stürmer, this image of the Jew as “world parasite”:
True, Kyla calls “white supremacy” the infectious agent, not white people per se. But when you are so far gone into racialist paranoia, this is a distinction without a difference.
UPDATE.3: Reader Jonah R.:

It only took me a moment on Google to find that she graduated from the private, college-prep Ursuline School in New Rochelle, New York. According to an organization that granted her a scholarship, she is is “attending Harvard and was granted admission to nearly every school she applied to Princeton, Columbia, Johns Hopkins among them.”

It’s hard to know what her educational and family background really are, but she’s now at Harvard! Does she have any idea how much privilege she has now acquired? Apparently not, because if she did she’s be using that privilege to help others rather than making it about herself.

Sadly, she’s bound to get the wrong message from the Internet-wide backlash to her article and will probably just dig in on her personal narrative all the more.

Good grief! This girl has more privilege than most people in America by far! No wonder she had to blame white supremacy for her not being able to hack pre-med at Harvard. What else was she going to do, except take personal responsibility?

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